Tuesday, July 17, 2007

My sweet mangoes

I'm so excited that my two 'Carrie' mangoes on my young tree are close to being ready for harvest. Supposedly, it is one of the better tasting varieties of mangoes. We shall see soon. I also have a larger 'Tommy Atkins' that produced one fruit earlier in the season. Unfortunately, we never got to try it. It smelled great, but it got rotten because my wife and I kept waiting to be together to try it. When I cut it open, it was all rotten, but it still omitted a divine smell. Sigh. This is what living in the tropics is all about.


Catherine said...

I envy you!! How wonderful to be able to walk out to your garden and pick a mango or two..:) I love tropical fruits...love fruit...LOVE MANGO'S!! I enjoy reading your blog!! Cat =^,.^=

Andrew Keese said...

Thank you for your comment. The mango was sooooo good. I just put another post about it. One of the reasons I moved to South Texas from Central Texas was so I could grow tropical plants. It really is wonderful growing citrus, mangoes and avocadoes. The one drawback is I can't grow the quality of peaches I could in Central Texas. Sigh. There's always something to get excited about no matter where you live. I was thinking about how dreary it would be to live in Michigan until I thought about being able to grow sweet cherries. (-:

Cianoy said...

Hi! How's your mango tree doing now? I'm just starting my mango planting journey, but I do hope to see a tree like yours 2-3 years from now. ;-)