Monday, August 6, 2007

Yummy in my tummy

This mango comes from my first crop off of one of my trees. I'm not sure I ever thought a mango would taste better from my own tree than from a grocery store. The reason I thought that is many tropical fruits ripen off the tree, including mangoes. With this mango, called 'Carrie,' I waited to harvest it until it literally just fell into my hands after touching it. No mango I've ever bought in a grocery store matched up to the 'Carrie' mango I tried this weekend. It really is just a flavor explosion. The mango is mostly green and light yellow on the outside when it is ripe. Maybe that's why my mango is better than the ones in the grocery store. The grocery stores are looking for varieties they think people associate with being good, the red-skinned types. Well, let me tell: You are missing a great culinary experience if you don't look for the more odd looking fruits. The grocery stores also probably pick the fruits weeks before they are ready to be picked.


Catherine said...

WoW!! What I'd give to walk out in my back yard and pick a mango..YUMMY!! Lucky you!!
Did it taste as good as it looks..?!

Anonymous said...

Carries are the BEST tasting of the cultivars! You, however, do need to be careful about letting them ripen too much on-the-branch. In the future, you can pick them a little earlier in-the-season and let them ripen off-the-branch. If you wait until they fall from the tree to eat them, you run the risk of having to eat bruised fruit due to them falling to the ground.